Race Details (updated 9/4/22)

  1. The Buchanan Tri will go on “rain or shine.” In the event of high water (over 6ft), the race will be shortened to a duathlon. You can check water levels here.
  2. You may drop off your kayak at the Springwood Boat Launch (underneath the Springwood Rd bridge) beginning at 11:30am. We’ll have volunteers there from 11:30am until all the bikes are picked up. The staging location is the same as last year. Pull into the boat launch parking, but place your kayak in the grassy area adjacent to the boat launch. There will be volunteers to help you.
  3. If you are renting your kayak from Twin River Outfitters, it will be staged for you.
  4. The race starts at 2:00 pm SHARP. We’ll have a mandatory pre-race meeting at 1:45.
  5.  Spectators are strongly discouraged at the Springwood Boat Launch. The space is small and since it is a public boat landing, there will be other users besides us. By staying out of the way you will help protect the safety of our participants and volunteers! *We highly encourage spectators everywhere else!
  6. We are currently working with the Botetourt Co. Sheriff's Department to ensure that roads will be closed for the running portion of the Tri.
  7. There will be NO ROAD CLOSURES for the cycling leg. Please obey ALL TRAFFIC RULES and watch for cars. There are a handful of stop signs on the route. Stop for them!
  8. There are 4 railroad track crossings on the course -- one on the running leg and 3 on the cycling leg. If the crossing barriers drop, stop! Trains happen and should be considered part of the race.
  9. We'll have water and Heed available at the bike transition and the kayak transition. Food will be available at the kayak transition.
  10. The bike route will be marked with orange arrows on the pavement and with orange signs at each intersection. Please familiarize yourself with the route map and pre-ride the course, if possible.
  11. A helmet is required for the bike leg; a life jacket is required for the paddle.
  12. The river will most likely be low. You may even have to get out and pull through some rocks a time or two. Make sure you have shoes for the river! You will also need them at the finish (see #14).
  13. The paddle will end at the Twin River Outfitter boat ramp, which is just past the public ramp. We encourage you to take a look at it before the start, especially if this is your first time racing with us.
  14. The finish line is at the gazebo in town park. You will have about 200 m left to run once you finish your paddle. Feel free to curse us as you run.
  15. Dinner and awards will begin at 5:00 pm in the town park (within sight of the finish line); we'll have overall and age group awards.
  16. We will have volunteers to watch your bike at the Springwood Boat Launch until 30 minutes after the last racer finishes. You will need to pick up your bike once the race is over. The boat landing is about a 10 minute drive from the Town Park. Please don't wait until after dinner to pick up your bike!
  17. Course maps are available on the Buchanan Tri webpage.

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