Muddy Squirrel

Are you looking for new areas to explore? While there are many great trails to hike, run, and ride in the Roanoke Valley, we think that Botetourt County, especially the Buchanan/Arcadia area, has its own unique style of trail experiences. You can find it all here -- whether you are looking for a cool waterfall hike, flowing single track trails, some gnarly downhills, or miles and miles of gravel climbing. After spending time away from the crowds, you'll know why we want you to find your dirt in our neck of the woods.

The routes listed below are a work-in-progress. We're starting to compile our favorite loops, hoping that some of them might become your favorites, too.

Botetourt trail running routes

Botetourt mountain biking routes

Botetourt gravel biking routes

Botetourt road cycling routes

Botetourt hiking routes

You can also check out these great Botetourt trail resources:

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