Muddy Squirrel

Are you tired of dreaming, but never doing? Are you looking for outdoor adventure for yourself, family, or group but not sure where to begin?  Let Muddy Squirrel be your gateway to adventure!  Check out our upcoming events on the schedule page or contact us to inquire about a custom experience.

Get ready for adventure! 


We are your gateway to outdoor adventure. If you would like to start trail running, mountain biking, orienteering, or even shooting-- we'll give you the tools you'll need in a fun, risk-free environment. We offer women's only events, guided trips, kids' birthday parties, and corporate team-building.

Next events: 

9/6 Intro to Shotgunning for Women

9/10 Radical Reels and Get Outside Expo

9/19-9/21Women's Mountain Bike Retreat (bike rental available)

9/27 Roanoke Mountain Orienteering Extravaganza

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