Muddy Squirrel

Unleash your inner pirate with these fun-filled treasure hunt activities, sure to make any gathering one to remember!  ​Are you looking for a unique corporate team-building experience? Click here for 5 reasons to try a treasure hunt. Our treasure hunt activities are designed to be non-competitive. Instead, success relies on your group's ability to work cooperatively to use a map to find clues.  The clues will lead the group to a hidden key to the treasure chest.  Once opened, the treasure is shared equally by all!  Here's how it works...

We create a pirate-style treasure map of your location.  It could be a yard, house, local park, school grounds, hotel, or wherever.  We will match the map and the clues to the fitness level -- and reading level -- of your group.  We are all about kid-friendly, so we will make sure even non-readers will be successful in the treasure hunt experience.

We arrive about an hour before your event, in complete pirate garb (or some other theme, if you prefer, but pirates are fun).  We bring our pirate chest so you can fill it with whatever treasure you want.  For a birthday party, it might be the party bags.  For a club, organization or business, it might be some fun give-aways or door prizes.  For adult gatherings....well, you decide.  We recommend that the contents of the treasure chest be the same.  That way there are no pirate mutinies or hard feelings when the treasure is "divvied up."

We will be on hand to "pirate it up" as your guests arrive (or not, if you prefer us not to).  They will see the locked treasure chest (we will have already hidden the key) and excitement will begin to matter their ages! (Adults often get more excited than kids!)  

When it's time for the treasure hunt to begin, we will hand out the treasure maps we've created.  We'll spend a few minutes talking about maps and map symbols. We'll walk around a little looking at landmarks and finding them on the map. We're almost ready -- it's just a matter of dividing into groups of 3-4 and giving each group some paper to record their answers on.

After we yell "Go!" teams will use their maps to find 10-15 clues.  Clues will be questions that we can customize for your audience.  Nature trivia, pop culture, info about your club or business, or even (gasp) SOL-style questions for schools.  Teams won't actually touch the clues they find...they'll just read them and write down the answer.

For corporate team-building, the teams will also encounter cooperative group tasks along the way.  For example, teams might have to work together to build a structure, solve a fun problem, or create a cool product. 

Our job is to help direct or re-direct as needed.  Your job is to take lots of pictures.

After 45 minutes or so (the length of the treasure hunt is up to you), we'll gather back together and teams will share what they found.  The answers to the clues will be used in a word puzzle we'll create to spell out the location of the key to the treasure chest.  (This is where cooperation comes into play!) As soon as the location of the key becomes obvious, we tear off to find it. Once the key is found, we'll open the chest and distribute the "spoils" to the group.


Corporate team-building: prices start at $295 which includes custom drawn maps, themed clues, clue placement, a guided reflection activity,  and optional cooperative group tasks.

Clubs, groups, parties: prices start at $195 which includes custom drawn maps, themed clues, and clue placement.

Additional transportation charges may apply if your event will be located outside the Roanoke Valley. Additional charges may apply for larger groups.

We'll need you to...

  • provide the "treasure" -- equal works best!
  • secure facility rental, if appropriate (picnic shelter, conference center, etc.)
  • for kids -- provide adequate adult supervision -- especially if your party venue is large and/or your participants are young

Treasure Hunts

  • Corporate team-building 

  • Schools

  • ​Family gatherings (reunions, weddings) 

  • Clubs & organizations (youth groups, scouts)

  • Birthday parties (adults, too!)