Muddy Squirrel

Trail Running

​​​​Muddy Squirrel Trail Running  -- Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. starting date TBA ($60 for six weekly runs); locations vary  

Learn trail running with friends who want you to have fun on the trails. Experience a new trail each week!  Trail running isn't just about fitness -- it's also about getting into the woods so we can reconnect with ourselves.  You don't need experience; you don't even need to be a runner. Trail running rule #1: trail runners walk. A lot. Walkers welcome!

Our 6 week session includes:

  • (6) 1.5 hour group trail runs (distance will vary, but generally 2-4 miles, depending on terrain
  • how to stay injury-free and safe on the trail
  • tips on clothing, food, and hydration 
  • how to "think like a trail runner" -- even if you're new to the sport!
  • opportunity to develop an individualized training plan
  • opportunity to participate in a supportive, risk-free running atmosphere 
  • the opportunity to explore a variety of trails in our area

We're experienced trail runners, having competed in distances from 10K trail races to 50+ mile ultramarathons, but we didn't start out that way!  We started humbly, struggling through those first trail miles. We remember being daunted by hills and (seemingly) insurmountable distances.  We'll help guide you toward your goals, whatever they may be.  For some it's competing in that first trail race.  Others are looking to push their own limits to see how far and/or fast they can go.  Still others are simply seeking safe places to run or hike and good company to run with.  We're here to help motivate you, educate you, and (hopefully) inspire you to do things you never thought possible.

When you run with Muddy Squirrel, you'll get tips and advice on

  • How to avoid obstacles on the trail
  • How to run hills (up & down!)
  • How to "think like a trail runner"
  • What to wear
  • What to eat & drink
  • How to run faster & farther
  • How to avoid injury
  • Where to run -- we'll explore lots of different local trails