Muddy Squirrel

5 Reasons to Try Treasure Hunt Team-Building

  1. Reflection and "next day" applications for your employees are our strength. This activity is more than just about "having fun." It's about helping to transform more of your employees into confident leaders in the workplace.

  2. Participants must break a large problem into manageable parts, much like what happens every day in the workplace. ​

  3. Participants must rely on the skills and talents of others.  Success requires TEAMWORK. The success of the group means there are no losers. Everyone shares the success. ​

  4. We know time is money. We can conduct treasure hunt sessions on-site or off-site.

  5. Participants gain positive experiences with co-workers which can lead to a better overall workplace environment. ​

  6. It’s active and fun. Your employees will leave happy!    


Corporate events

Are you looking for ways to help your employees/group become more creative problem-solvers and more effective leaders?  Would you like to instill more camaraderie in an active, fun, noncompetitive setting?
Treasure Hunt team-building could be just what you are looking for.

Other team-building options include custom shooting sports, guided story-telling hikes, and backpacking

If it's "de-stressing" that you need, consider a Shinrin-Yoku expereince.