Muddy Squirrel

March 29, 2020

Up to six hours of navigation adventure on foot and on mountain bike!​ Starting location is Camp Bethel (328 Bethel Rd, Fincastle, VA). Course opens at 10 a.m. and closes at 4 p.m.

Most points by 4 p.m. wins! Come for all or a part.  Many points are family-friendly, others are heavy on adventure.

Spend a fun day in the woods with us. 

Registration fees:

Solo $25; $10 each additional person (4 person team max) 

Special pricing for scout teams. Contact us!

On-site tent camping is available by reservation ONLY. Email the camp office directly at to make your reservation.

Number on team

Learn more about orienteering events in the area from our friends at the Blue Ridge Orienteering Club.

Learn more about the amazing benefits of navigating (mind, body, and soul) at these links from our friends at Orienteering Unlimited

"Open 6" is a fun navigation format where participants have up to 6 hours to score as many points as possible by finding up to 30 control points  (CPs) in the woods on foot and on mountain bike. Yes, a portion of the course is designed exclusively for bikes! You do not have to attempt the bike portion, but it will be fun (and challenging). We change up the course every time, so there's always a new summit or hollow to explore. We'll race rain or shine!

The course is designed so that both the novice and the expert navigator will have a good time in the woods. We'll have snacks available at headquarters, so you can always come back to regroup, then head back out again. Novice racers or families with younger children are welcome to adjust the time down to whatever meets your needs. There will be fun surprises at select points and special "poker run" points, too.  We will have our coveted "woodal" awards for the top three teams.​​

Each solo competitior/team is required to carry the following items:

Water, snacks, small first aid kit, flashlight, compass, warm clothes, waterproof jacket, fully charged cell phone, flat repair kit (mountain bike)

What is "Open " Navigation?

Our "open" format is a competitive navigation adventure where individuals/teams use a map & compass to navigate an area in search of control points (CPs).  The adventure can be completed on foot, on mountain bike, or using both.  Our goal in course design is to take you to cool places that you might never travel to otherwise.  We definitely will encourage you to navigate the road less traveled.  Our courses are challenging for experts, but are also welcoming to beginners.  We'll have CPs suitable to every ability level.  Here are the basics...

  • CPs are worth different point values
  • Time limit ("Open 4" is up to 4 hrs, "Open 6" is up to 6 hrs)
  • Most points wins
  • In the event that multiple teams "clear the course," first team back wins
  • We provide maps
  • You provide the compass​ and mountain bike (optional)
  • Great for families or teams of friends 
  • Basic instruction available before start 
  • We also offer "custom" navigation experiences for any group​

More navigating Resources:

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