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Spring Scamper details

****COURSE MAP****
1) The Spring Scamper course will be open from 7 am Friday, March 25th until 4 pm Sunday, March 28th. The course will close at dusk on each day and re-open at dawn. You can choose your day and your start time -- still 6 hours max. The start/finish is the paved ARK parking lot at Camp Bethel (328 Bethel Rd, Fincastle, VA).  Please depart the camp BEFORE dark.

2) The course area for the Spring Scamper will favor more of the eastern side of the map, while the Fall Frenzy will favor more of the western side. Both events will feature portions of Camp Bethel, but we work hard to change it  up every time!

3) The course map will be available here by the morning of March 25th. You can print your own or pick up a copy from the bench outside the Camp Bethel office when you arrive. The course continues to shift to give you more "unexplored" areas of the camp and surrounding areas!

3) Make sure you bring plenty of snacks and water and a first aid kit.  Water is available from creeks on the course, just make sure you filter it before drinking. We strongly encourage the buddy system. Make sure someone is aware of your planned "end time." Decisions you make while out on the course are all on you, so be safe! You should have cell phone service on most of the course -- but don't count on it!

4) There is no charge for the event, but donations will be accepted (and greatly appreciated!)  Suggested donation: Solo -- $25; add $10 for each additional person. We'll send a portion of each donation we receive to Camp Bethel, but you can also contribute to them directly.

5) Score your own card and share your score, elapsed time, and photos on our Facebook page (you can email them to us, too).

6) Please let us know if you will be participating (and when), just to give us an idea. Contact us if you have questions. Our phone numbers will also be on the map should anything come up the day of the event.

Number on team

March 26-28, 2021

Make it a double!

For 2021, we've decided to pair our two navigation events -- the Spring Scamper and the Fall Frenzy. We'll add your points together to crown an overall champ! So if you have a "learning curve" day, no worries! To qualify for the "overall," you'll need to keep the same team set-up for both events. 

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I'm new to this -- how does it work?

This format is a competitive navigation adventure where individuals/teams use a map & compass to navigate an area in search of control points (CPs).  The adventure must be completed totally on FOOT and teams MUST stay together.  Our goal in course design is to take you to cool places that you might never travel to otherwise.  We definitely will encourage you to navigate the road less traveled.  Our courses are challenging for experts, but are also welcoming to beginners.  We'll have CPs suitable to every ability level.  Here are the basics...

  • CPs are worth different point values
  • Punch your scorecard when you find a control
  • You can find CPs in any order you choose
  • 6 hour time limit
  • Most points wins
  • In the event that multiple teams "clear the course," fastest team wins
  • We provide maps -- or print your own
  • You provide the compass​
  • Great for families or teams of friends 
  • We also offer "custom" navigation experiences for any group​

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Spring Scamper Navigation Adventure