Muddy Squirrel

Our mission is to engage adults and youth in physical and mental challenges to develop grit and perseverance. We want you to try stuff that is hard...and be successful.​​

When is the last time you did something hard -- something you wanted to do?  When was the last time you did something for yourself?  Are your kids easily frustrated by failure?  Are they tuned in to the digital world and turned off to the wonderful possibilities and potential rewards of tackling a task that is truly challenging?

We strive to connect individuals -- both youth and adults -- to outdoor spaces.  We feel that a life lived connected to the outdoors, especially the outdoor spaces found in our “extended backyard,” results in richer, more meaningful experiences and a higher quality of life.  We also feel that the best way to truly love a place is to spend lots of time in it…and that which we love we’ll fight like heck to protect.


We strive to use the outdoors – along with fun outdoor activities -- as a medium with which to connect family, friends, and co-workers…friendships form, trust builds teamwork, bonds strengthen.

We strive to give individuals the opportunity to reconnect to themselves through meaningful outdoor challenges.  Many of us often devote our day to meeting the needs of others, especially work and family commitments.  We would love for you to spend a small part of your day meeting your needs.  What is it you really want to do?  How can we help you make that happen?

the Muddy Squirrel help you "find your way"

The instructors/guides at Muddy Squirrel are committed to facilitating learning in the most engaging ways possible.  Both hold current Virginia teaching certificates and are accomplished teachers with a combined total of over 30 years experience.  

​Lisa Moyer holds a Ph.D from Virginia Tech in STEM education. She has worked with a variety of different students in her 17 years in public schools.  She is certified in CPR and Wilderness First Aid. Lisa has been an avid soccer player nearly her whole life, but has added trail running, rogaining, and ultra-marathons to her outdoor pursuits. 

Tim Miller spent his entire public school career teaching middle school and he has the scars to prove it.  He also has over 20 years experience leading groups on backpacking and camping trips in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  He is certified in CPR and Wilderness First Aid.  An Eagle Scout, he is also a trail runner, cyclist, ultra-marathoner and accomplished navigator. His first published poem appeared in the 2014 edition of Artemis.  He is a Botetourt County citizen representative for the Roanoke Valley Greenway Commission.


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Are the "3 A's" working for you?

Attitude – Getting yours positive and being willing to push yourself just a little out of your comfort zone. Awareness – of your goals & dreams, of what your mind & body are capable of, of the natural world and your place in it.

Adventure – What is it you’ve always wanted to do? It’s time to do it!  Remember: life should be an adventure.